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Hebei Jingye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech pharmaceutical company based in China for the world. With a clear focus on the manufacture, research and development and providing services for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular preparations and bulk pharmaceutical chemicals, the company is committed to emerging to be the most competitive manufacturer of salicylic acid and aspirin. It owns 4 varieties of products and 6 others in stock, all of which belong to preparations and bulk chemicals for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with great market prospects.

Hebei Jingye Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Jingye Group, its parent company, is home to 22,500 employees with a total assets of 39 billion yuan. In 2018, Jingye Group registered 90.1 billion yuan in sales revenue and contributed 3.35 billion yuan in taxation. It ranks 251 on the list of Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and 110 on the list of Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises, and tops the list of Top 100 enterprises in Shijiazhuang for 10 years in a row.

Founded in 1990, Jingye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. boasts advanced equipment, sophisticated technology and competent technical force. Owning to 28 years of unremitting efforts, the company has built its main products, Jingye-branded salicylic acid, medicinal salicylic acid and aspirin, to become well-known across the globe. Holding import & export licensees at hand, the company sells its products not only at home but also abroad. Its products enjoys 70% market share in China, and can be easily seen in the US, Russia, Britain, Germany, France and other European and American countries and a large number of Asian countries and regions.

To make the pharmaceutical sector larger and more competitive, the company selected the Bioengineering and Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Bohai New District of Cangzhou, a national technology development zone, as the location for its new plant. Covering an area of up to100 mu, the new facility is designed by Tianjin Pharmaceuticals Design Institute with a total investment of 350 million yuan.

Hebei Jingye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Jingye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Jingye Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Project Planning

Project Planning

Designed capacities of the new facility are as follows: 20,000 tons pharmaceutical intermediate salicylic acid per year; 3,000 tons sodium salicylate per year; 2,000 tons bulk salicylic acid per year; 8,000 tons aspirin per year; 1.5 billion tablets and 150 million injections. The project, comprised of three phases, includes production area, production supporting area, office & living quarter and public works area.

Outstanding Advantages

Advantage in quality : Its products are in accordance with the latest quality standards of BP/EP, USP, JP, CP. Its traditional products have become well-received internationally because of excellence quality. It also enjoy obvious edge in technologies as well-known pharmaceutical R&D institutions from the Beijing abound in the zone.

Advantages in offering diversified specifications: Committed to providing tailor-made specifications, the company is capable of delivering products with varied numbers and packages via favored means of transportation.

Advantage in services: a dedicated team stands ready to offer professional after-sales services around the clock.

Cost advantage: the Industrial Park offers constant supply of raw materials; the Huanghua Port in the park can handle import of raw materials for processing and export of finished products; the Free Trade Zone of the Huanghua Port in the park boasts unique advantages in terms of the costs for import and export.

Geographical advantage: it enjoys clear advantages in terms of favorable policies as the Bioengineering and Pharmaceutical Industrial Park in Bohai New District of Cangzhou is the top priority of the Bohai New District. With a distance 220 kilometers away from Beijing and 110 kilometers away from Tianjin, it is of great importance in its geographical location. Its logistics costs are quite competitive thanks to easy access by road and marine. Two national highways (No. 205 and No. 307), three expressways (Shihuang, Rongwu and coastal expressway) and four railways (Shuohuang, Hanhuang, Huangwan and Canghuang) intersect with each other, forming a dense road network in the region. It enjoys great advantages in transportation as container trains connecting Eurasia continent are easily available; products can be exported globally through the Huanghua Port in the region; and it is only 100 kilometers away from Tianjin Port.

Hebei Jingye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Jingye Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei Jingye Medical Technology Co., Ltd.